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Paris Hilton earns 350.000 In one hour

dj night music

How to do it Wrong? But still earn a shitload of money?

If you don’t got any talent, or not even skills to stand behind a mixer in front of thousand of people, – but still wan’t to earn some serious money! It has been reported that on Paris’s tour in the mediterranean, Ibiza, already gave her shockingly – “She’s making $2.7 million from the four nights — $347,000 ($374,000 AUD) an hour,” a source told The Sun (via AZ Central ). That is absolutely insane.

paris in ibiza

Paris in Ibiza – Source supplied

Paris ibiza

Paris in Ibiza – Source Supplied










 She once again proves that it doesn’t take talent to be one of the top paid Dj’s in the World. Only four days of her 2 months tour, has past. And she is already getting a good head-start. Why people wan’t to go visit one of the history’s shittiest Dj’s and personalities of all time, beats us. But one thing is for sure. She nows how to fool the idiot and make money on it. Everybody (at least the boys) remember Paris Hilton from her repeatedly number of scandalous Sexvideos on the Internet. That’s how it all started. So first pointer to being a successful Dj – Go make some internet porn!

Dj Paris ibiza

Paris Dj’ing – Source AFP

It’s told to the news, that the crowd seemed more or less too intoxicated to care about what she played. The were totally Rainbowed out. We gotta admit that Paris Hilton is Hot as hell. But we do not get how a talentless person, In all possible way, can go earn a fortune and be successful in everything she does? Oh more or less. Go to Ibiza if you wanna experience her Live. Give her a Fistpump and make the Rooftop rise. – Second pointer to being a successful Dj – Suck at it and buy ghost produced stuff…

Paris dj ibiza

Paris Dj’ing – Source AFP

We know one thing for sure. She earns millions on being talentless and you maybe laughing. But the fool isn’t her. Its all of us Ladies and whats Worse…