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Ghostproducers ? Shame or Fame?

aiden jude







As many of you may know. Ghost producers are becoming more and more seen in the top of the pop! It is daily discovered that more and more Famous Dj’s and producers are performing with ghost-produced mix. Paris Hilton, Aiden Jude, many of the guys from “Revealed” is also believed to buy their mix from other producers. But it is a problem or is it okay? All gotta do their thing to make a living. And ghost producers might not have what it takes to perform live at a big scene or a festival. But when most of the artist who buy their mixes, is charging 50-350.000 dollars for a set. It seems unfair that ghost producers only see 1-10% of the money and never receives any appreciation or fame for their work. What do you think about Ghost productions. Are you a ghost producer? Do you buy ghost productions? We might set up a group and forum, for ghost productions, if you guys wanna talk about and share your stuff. We need your opinion on how it should work.

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